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odbhist is a MIDAS history display utility, printing an ODB variable from a saved .odb or .mid file for a range of run numbers.


      [-r <run1> <run2> ]  : Range of run numbers (inclusive)
      [-v <varname>[index]]: ODB variable name like /Runinfo/Run number
                              Index will be present if <varname> is an array
      [-f <file> ]         : Format of odb file name (run%05d.odb by default) see Note 1
      [-e <file> ]         : Extract ODB contents from MID file (of format
                               run%05d.mid by default) see Note 2
      [-q]                 : Don't display run number
      [-a]                 : Add numbers for all runs
      [-c <filename>]      : Load configuration from file 
                              (parameters loaded from a configuration file will be
                              overwritten by parameters from command line)
Note 1
The ODB can be dumped into an ODB to an ASCII or XML file on disk at the end of the run - see /Logger/ODB Dump key. The filename format is defined by the key /Logger/ODB Dump File.
Note 2
The dump of the ODB into the event stream for this logger channel is controlled by the ODB key in the /Logger/Channels subtree ODB Dump. The filename format of the saved MIDAS format MID file is defined by the key Filename, also in the /Logger/Channels subtree.


>odbhist -r <run1> <run2> -v <varname>[index] [-f <filename>] [-q] [-a] [-c <file>] [-e <file>]