ReadOn Flags

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Read-on flags RO_xxx are used in the Read On field of the equipment declaration to specify when the read-out of an event occurs. These flags are defined in midas.h.

  • Multiple flags can be ORed together, e.g. RO_RUNNING|RO_ODB.
READ_ON Flag name Value Readout Occurs
RO_RUNNING 1 While running
RO_STOPPED 2 Before stopping run
RO_PAUSED 4 When run is paused
RO_BOR 8 At the beginning of run
RO_EOR 16 At the end of run
RO_PAUSE 32 Before pausing the run
RO_RESUME 64 Before resuming the run
RO_TRANSITIONS 127 At all transitions
RO_ALWAYS 255 Always (independent of the run status)
RO_ODB 256 Copies the event to the /Equipment/<equipment name>/Variables ODB tree. The ODB is updated with a new event approximately every second.
Note that this feature is generally used only for testing or monitoring, as writing large amounts of data to the ODB takes time.