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Frontend Task

The purpose of a frontend task is to collect data from the hardware and transmit this information to a central place where data logging and analysis can be performed.

A frontend task is built by the user (see Frontend Operation ) and consists of as "user part" and a "system framework"


The system framework code (mfe.c) has the following arguments:

 [-h hostname ] : host name (see Common Parameters to MIDAS Utilities)
 [-e exptname ] : experiment name (see Common Parameters to MIDAS Utilities)
 [-D ] : Become a Daemon.
 [-O ] : Become a Daemon but keep stdout 
 [-d ] : Used for debugging the frontend
 [-i index] : Set frontend index (used with Mevb . This argument has been introduced to
            : facilitate the multiple frontend configuration operation required for the Event Builder


Start the application as a daemon, using the default host, experiment and port :

e.g. fevme -D

Start the application superceding the default host, experiment and port:

e.g. fegpib -e exp218 -h isdaq10 -p 7077 -D