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Download and Quick start

echo $ROOTSYS # check correct installation of ROOT
root-config # check correct installation of ROOT

git clone
cd rootana
make dox

more analyzer.cxx
more event_dump.cxx


Welcome to ROOTANA, the ROOT ( based data analysis package for the MIDAS Data Acquisition system (

The ROOTANA package includes 5 major components:

  • a standalone library for reading and writing data files in the MIDAS .mid format, and for decoding the XML dump of MIDAS ODB typically embedded in every MIDAS data file. (libMidasInterface)
  • a C++ interface class for connecting to an active MIDAS experiment, accessing ODB (read and write) and getting event data. (libMidasInterface)
  • a set of C++ classes for exporting ROOT histogram and other objects to an external viewer for interactive visualization of live data, typically using the ROODY histogram viewer or using a standard web browser (experimental feature). (libMidasServer, libNetDirectory, libXmlServer)
  • simple examples of using these components (a graphical analyzer, an event dump and an event skim programs) (analyzer.cxx, event_dump.cxx, event_skim.cxx)
  • a full featured framework for graphical data analysis including code to unpack typical VME and CAMAC modules ( see rootana Analyzer Framework and rootana Display Framework)

The ROOTANA package can be used without installing ROOT and MIDAS:

  • without both ROOT and MIDAS one can only read (and write) existing .mid files. Only event_dump and event_skim will be built.
  • if only the MIDAS package is installed, access to live data and access to live ODB becomes possible. Only event_dump and event_skim will be built.
  • decoding of XML ODB dumps embedded in MIDAS files requires ROOT TXML and TDOMParser components (a version of XML decoder using libxml2 used to exist in the past).
  • if the ROOT package is installed but MIDAS is absent, full function of ROOTANA is available, except for access to live data. This mode is suitable for offline data analysis, i.e. the user has a copy of MIDAS data files on their laptop and wants to analyze them.

The sources for ROOTANA are managed at


MIDAS Interface

These classes provide the actual access to MIDAS data

  • TMidasEvent: a class encapulating a MIDAS event.
  • TMidasFile: a class encapsulating a MIDAS file
  • TMidasOnline: a class that allows access to online MIDAS events; this class requires that the MIDAS libraries be installed
  • VirtualODB: a class that provides access to ODB variables, either through ODB dumps at the start of files or by directly connecting to the online ODB.

XML Server

xmlServer & co

example programs

  • event_dump
  • event_skim
  • standalone graphical analyzer.cxx

ROOT Analyzer framework

rootana provides low-level access to the MIDAS data files and online MIDAS data. Using these low-level functionality users can design whatever sort of programs they want for accessing and analyzing the data.

rootana also provides a more structured, higher-level framework for organizing analysis programs. The framework includes a standard event loop class and a standard display program. Details on this higher-level framework available in rootana Analyzer Framework and rootana Display Framework.


  • Before conversion from svn to git, ROOTANA was managed by members of the TRIUMF DAQ group
  • The git version hosted on bitbucket is managed by the members of the MIDAS developers group.
  • to report bugs, request improvements, contribute bug fixes - please go to the ROOTANA issue tracker
  • for questions and discussion - please go to the MIDAS discussion forum

Migration from ROOTANA pre-svn revision 91

From: Alisher Sanetullaev <>
Subject: Re: rootana svn version

I think I have resolved the problem. I had to bring the anaIris code up to date with the latest rootana. Now it compiles.

1. added #include "stdint.h" in src/HandleMesytec.cxx.
2. Commented out the #include "midasserver.h" lines from all files.
3. Changed $(ROOTANA)/librootana.o to $(ROOTANA)/lib/librootana.o in the Makefile. (That file has moved to a different
directory in rootana directory.)
4.  Changed eventHeader_t to TMidas_EVENT_HEADER in src/anaIris.cxx.

NOTE: I think one also needs to add -I$ROOTANA)/include to the CFLAGS