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Entry  20 Nov 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , set-uid-root midas programs 
    Reply  20 Nov 2003, Stefan Ritt, , set-uid-root midas programs 
Message ID: 101     Entry time: 20 Nov 2003     Reply to this: 102
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: set-uid-root midas programs 
I see that MIDAS installs several set-uid-root programs into /usr/local/bin.
In this age and time of evil computer hackers, this is not a good idea and
we should Do Something (TM) about it. Here is my risk assessment:

[olchansk@midtis06 midas]$ ls -l /usr/local/bin | grep wsr
-rwsr-sr-x    1 root     root        25811 Nov 20 09:27 dio
-rwsr-sr-x    1 root     root       344553 Nov 20 09:27 mhttpd
-rwsr-sr-x    1 root     root        70736 Nov 20 09:27 webpaw

dio- is required to be setuid-root to gain I/O permissions. I looked at it a
few times, and it is probably safe, but I would like to get a second
opinion. Stephan, can you should it to your local security geeks?

mhttpd- definitely unsafe. It has more buffer overflows than I can shake a
stick at. Why is it suid-root anyway?

webpaw- what is it?!?

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