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Entry  20 Nov 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , set-uid-root midas programs 
    Reply  20 Nov 2003, Stefan Ritt, , set-uid-root midas programs 
Message ID: 102     Entry time: 20 Nov 2003     In reply to: 101
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: set-uid-root midas programs 
> dio- is required to be setuid-root to gain I/O permissions. I looked at it a
> few times, and it is probably safe, but I would like to get a second
> opinion. Stephan, can you should it to your local security geeks?
> mhttpd- definitely unsafe. It has more buffer overflows than I can shake a
> stick at. Why is it suid-root anyway?
> webpaw- what is it?!?

dio was written by Pierre. 

mhttpd and webpaw both are web servers. webpaw is used to display PAW 
pictures over the web. If you run these programs at a port <1024, and most 
people do run them at port 80 (at least at PSI), they need to be setuid-root. 
Unless you know a better way to do that...
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