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Entry  16 Jul 2014, Clemens Sauerzopf, Forum, CAEN V1742 midas driver midasdriver_v1742.tar.gzanalyzerfunctions.tar.gz
    Reply  08 Sep 2014, Clemens Sauerzopf, Forum, CAEN V1742 midas driver 
Message ID: 1017     Entry time: 16 Jul 2014     Reply to this: 1020
Author: Clemens Sauerzopf 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: CAEN V1742 midas driver 
Hello all, 

as discussed in the thread about Interrupt triggered readout
( I send you out driver for the CAEN
V1742 modules.

The code is separated into two different parts, first the real midas driver
(attachment 1).
Here the non trivial part is reading the modules internal flash pages to get to
correction patterns for the DRS4 chips, this is not documented in the manual.

The functions to apply the correction patters to the data is in the second
archive (attachment 2). I have to say this is C++ code as we use this with rootana.

The driver including the signal correction was used for data taking in 2012 with
4 synchronized V1742 modules for Antihydrogen experiment by the ASACUSA
collaboration at cern. We'll use it gain this year.

I hope the archives contain all necessary information, some parts were
distributed in various files..


EDIT: the driver is based on the v1740 driver
Attachment 1: midasdriver_v1742.tar.gz  9 kB
Attachment 2: analyzerfunctions.tar.gz  1 kB
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