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Entry  16 Jul 2014, Clemens Sauerzopf, Forum, CAEN V1742 midas driver midasdriver_v1742.tar.gzanalyzerfunctions.tar.gz
    Reply  08 Sep 2014, Clemens Sauerzopf, Forum, CAEN V1742 midas driver 
Message ID: 1020     Entry time: 08 Sep 2014     In reply to: 1017
Author: Clemens Sauerzopf 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: CAEN V1742 midas driver 
Hello all,

As an addition to the driver functions I uploaded in this thread I would also have a
C++ class that handles everything for the V1742 modules and can be directly used
integrated into a C++ frontend. 

I would like to ask if you have policy for user supplied code like this? It's not a low
level driver but a frontend module that reads and controls the module, creates odb
hotlinks and handles the bank creating and storing of the data.

Best regards,

EDIT: the question is, do you like to have  codes like this collected somewhere for
example this forum or would you prefer if I would post a link to some online repository =
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