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Entry  09 Jun 2015, Michael McEvoy, Forum, Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
    Reply  10 Jun 2015, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
Message ID: 1064     Entry time: 09 Jun 2015     Reply to this: 1065
Author: Michael McEvoy 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
I am using the MSCB SCS2000 to monitor slow control variables (temperatures, voltages, etc). I am trying to 
get it set up at fermilab as a test stand in the MC1 building and was wondering if anyone has integrated 
Midas with a MSCB SCS2000 before. We have two systems at fermilab, one system that is currently running 
in the g-2 experimental hall, but running an out of date version of midas. The second test stand I am 
setting up is working with the current version of midas. I believe we will easily be able to figure out the 
external probes for temperatures and voltages just fine. But the MSCB SCS2000 box itself has 1 
temperature value, 1 current value, and 5 voltages internally that we also need to monitor. If I use the msc 
command I can read back the external values through the daughter cards I have installed on the SCS2000 
box but has no way of reading back the internal values that I need. I also have been looking through the 
MIDAS files trying to find a possible way to read these out to no avail.

If anyone has any ideas or has had previous work with the SCS2000 and knows how to read back the 
internal values please let me know. 


Michael McEvoy
NIU Graduate Student
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