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Entry  09 Jun 2015, Michael McEvoy, Forum, Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
    Reply  10 Jun 2015, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
Message ID: 1065     Entry time: 10 Jun 2015     In reply to: 1064
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Midas-MSCB SCS2000 integration 
> If anyone has any ideas or has had previous work with the SCS2000 and knows how to read back the 
> internal values please let me know. 

The current MIDAS distribution contains a file /midas/examples/slowcont/mscb_fe.c which contains example code of how to read some MSCB devices.

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