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Entry  29 Jul 2015, Javier Praena, Forum, error sigsegv-error.jpg
    Reply  29 Jul 2015, Wes Gohn, Forum, error 
    Reply  29 Jul 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, error 
Message ID: 1083     Entry time: 29 Jul 2015     In reply to: 1081
Author: Wes Gohn 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: error 
SIGSEGV is a segmentation fault. Most often it means some ODB parameter is out of bounds or there is 
an invalid memcpy somewhere in your code.

> Hello, I am new in the forum. We are running an experiment for a week with no
> problems. Now we add a detector a we found an error. Even we come back to our
> previous configuration the error continues appearing. Please, may someone help
> us? You can find the error in the attachment. Thanks!
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