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Entry  29 Jul 2015, Javier Praena, Forum, error sigsegv-error.jpg
    Reply  29 Jul 2015, Wes Gohn, Forum, error 
    Reply  29 Jul 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, error 
Message ID: 1084     Entry time: 29 Jul 2015     In reply to: 1081
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: error 
> Hello, I am new in the forum. We are running an experiment for a week with no
> problems. Now we add a detector a we found an error. Even we come back to our
> previous configuration the error continues appearing. Please, may someone help
> us? You can find the error in the attachment. Thanks!

The error reported is SIGSEGV, which is a software fault (as opposed to a hardware fault like "printer is on fire" or "disk full").

Next step is to identify which program crashed and attach a debugger to the crashing executable or to the core dump.
You will use the debugger to generate the stack trace which will identify exactly the place where the program failed.

I recommend that one should always attach the stack trace to the problem reports on this forum. These stack traces are sometimes long and 
scary and it is a bit of an art to read them, so do not worry if you do not understand what they say.

If you use "gdb", I recommend that you post your full debugger session:

bash> gdb myprogram
gdb> run my command line arguments
gdb> where
... stack trace
gdb> quit

(If you use threads, please generate a stack trace for each thread)

If the crash location is inside midas code, congratulations, you may have found a bug in midas.
If the crash location is in your code, you have some debugging to do.
If you do not understand what I am talking about (gdb? core dump?), please read "unix/linux software development for dummies" book first.

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