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Entry  19 Aug 2015, Pierre Gorel, Bug Report, Sequencer limits 
    Reply  19 Aug 2015, Pierre-Andre Amaudruz, Bug Report, Sequencer limits 
       Reply  19 Aug 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, Sequencer limits 
       Reply  20 Aug 2015, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, Sequencer limits 
Message ID: 1095     Entry time: 19 Aug 2015     In reply to: 1094     Reply to this: 1096   1097
Author: Pierre-Andre Amaudruz 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Sequencer limits 
These issues have been addressed by Stefan during his visit at Triumf last month.
The latest git has those fixes.

> While I know some of those limits/problems have been already been reported from
> DEAP (and maybe corrected in the last version), I am recording them here:
> Bugs (not working as it should): 
> - "SCRIPT" does not seem to take the parameters into account


> - The operators for WAIT are incorrectly set:
> the default ">=" and ">" are correct, but "<=", "<", "==" and "!=" are all using
> ">=" for the test. 


> Possible improvements:
> - in LOOP, how can I get the index of the LOOP? I used an extra variable that I
> increment, but it there a better way?

See LOOP doc
 LOOP cnt, 10
   ODBGET /foo/bflag, bb 
   IF $bb==1 THEN
     SET cnt, 10

> - PARAM is giving "string" (or a bool) whose size is set by the user input. The
> side effect is that if I am making a loop starting at "1", the incrementation
> will loop at "9" -> "1". If I start at "01", the incrementation will give "2.",
> "3.",... "9.", "10"... The later is probably what most people would use.


> - ODBGet (and ODBSet?) does seem to be able to take a variable as a path... I
> was trying to use an array whose index would be incremented.

To be checked.
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