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Entry  24 Nov 2015, Robert Pattie, Forum, rpc_client_dispatch error 
    Reply  25 Nov 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, rpc_client_dispatch error 
Message ID: 1143     Entry time: 24 Nov 2015     Reply to this: 1144
Author: Robert Pattie 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: rpc_client_dispatch error 
I'm trying to set up an experiment with 2 frontends for the first time.  When I
start the remote frontend I get the following errors:

first time (odd attempt):

[MCS_Frontend_203,ERROR] [midas.c:9678:rpc_server_connect,ERROR] mserver
subprocess could not be started (check path)
[MCS_Frontend_203,ERROR] [mfe.c:2696:mainFE,ERROR] Cannot connect to experiment
'Default' on host '', status 503

second time (even attempt):

MCS6A_frontend: src/midas.c:9085: rpc_client_dispatch: Assertion `n ==
sizeof(NET_COMMAND_HEADER) + 4 * sizeof(INT)' failed.

On the local host I'm running : mlogger, a frontend, an analzer, mhttp, and
mserver.  I followed the instructions for adding the remote computer to the
RPC_ALLOWED list and I do see that the remote frontend was able to edit the
local odb equipment list.  At present I'm not running an event builder I just
wanted to get the frontends connected to start.  Do I need to have the mserver
running on both computers?  Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this?

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