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Entry  24 Nov 2015, Robert Pattie, Forum, rpc_client_dispatch error 
    Reply  25 Nov 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, rpc_client_dispatch error 
Message ID: 1144     Entry time: 25 Nov 2015     In reply to: 1143
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: rpc_client_dispatch error 
Not clear on what you are doing, so here is the brief description:

- you have two machines - say "midas" and "frontend"
- you run mttpd, mlogger, etc on "midas"
- you want to run some frontend on "frontend"

Do this:
- on "midas", open a new terminal, run "mserver -p 7071"
- on "frontend", open a new terminal, run "odbedit -h midas:7071"

If you did follow all the online instruction correctly, at this point, your odbedit on "frontend" would have 
connected and all commands would work same as if run locally on "midas".

If I understand you correctly, you got this far.

Next do this:
- on "frontend", open a new terminal, run "your_frontend.exe -h midas:7071"

If all is good, the frontend would start, would connect to midas, you would see
it in odbedit "scl" and on the midas status page and you would be able to stop
it from the midas "programs" page. (this last bit is important).

I guess this is where things go wrong and you do not get anything working.

Do this:
a) cut and paste all the output from the terminal window where you are running the mserver (including the 
command you used to start the mserver)
b) cut and paste all the output from the terminal window where you are starting the frontemd (again, 
including the command you used to start the frontend)
c) cut  and paste the contents of midas.log (in the experiment directory) from the time you started the 
mserver until the very end.

Paste all this as reply to this message or email it to me at

With this additional information we should be able to get you going (and hopefully improve the 
documentation so the next person does not run into the same problem - whatever the problem turns out to 


> I'm trying to set up an experiment with 2 frontends for the first time.  When I
> start the remote frontend I get the following errors:
> first time (odd attempt):
> [MCS_Frontend_203,ERROR] [midas.c:9678:rpc_server_connect,ERROR] mserver
> subprocess could not be started (check path)
> [MCS_Frontend_203,ERROR] [mfe.c:2696:mainFE,ERROR] Cannot connect to experiment
> 'Default' on host '', status 503
> second time (even attempt):
> MCS6A_frontend: src/midas.c:9085: rpc_client_dispatch: Assertion `n ==
> sizeof(NET_COMMAND_HEADER) + 4 * sizeof(INT)' failed.
> On the local host I'm running : mlogger, a frontend, an analzer, mhttp, and
> mserver.  I followed the instructions for adding the remote computer to the
> RPC_ALLOWED list and I do see that the remote frontend was able to edit the
> local odb equipment list.  At present I'm not running an event builder I just
> wanted to get the frontends connected to start.  Do I need to have the mserver
> running on both computers?  Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this?
> Thanks 
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