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Entry  14 Oct 2016, Luka Pavelic, Forum, Wiener PCIVME link 
    Reply  14 Oct 2016, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, Wiener PCIVME link 
       Reply  14 Oct 2016, Pierre-Andre Amaudruz, Forum, Wiener PCIVME link 
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Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Wiener PCIVME link 
> Hello, 
> I'm trying to make Wiener PCIVME link work with MIDAS. 
> In documentation/VME dirvers/ it's saying: "wevmemm.c PCI/VME Wiener board
> supported. (see Wiener PCI)".
> Provided link is dead. Does anyone have that file? I would appreciate very very
> much if someone could send it to me.
> Thank you and best regards, 
> L.P.

Hi, I am not familiar with this module, I am pretty sure I have never seen one.
I do not see any code for it in the midas distribution.
I do not see any reference to it on the wiener web site (

For obsolete modules, they direct us to which is dead.

The next best step is to contact Wiener customer support. They usually reply very quickly.

If you have no luck getting answer directly from Wiener, you can ask me to contact them through
our sales representative. He is always super very helpful.

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