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Entry  27 Sep 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-09 
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Message ID: 1706     Entry time: 27 Sep 2019     Reply to this: 1747
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2019-09 
I created the release branch for midas-2019-09 and tag midas-2019-09-a.

Since the previous release midas-2019-06, some news:

- new history graphics (Stefan)
- c++ frontend framework mvodb.h and tmfe.h merged from ALPHA-g (K.O.)
- we think we have all the fallout from switching to cmake and to c++11 sorted out

There is a number of known problems with the current code, see the bitbucket bug tracker:

Hopefully we can use this release as a baseline for more testing and with luck we will
fix all the pending bugs and add all the pending missing code (the new sequencer web pages,
the "m" analyzer, etc) quickly and our next release midas-2019-10 will be the best midas ever.

To obtain this release, either checkout the top of branch feature/midas-2019-09 (recommended)
or checkout the tag midas-2019-09-a.

If you are using the last pre-cmake/c++ release midas-2019-03, I recommend that you stay with it
until our next release midas-2019-10.

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