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Entry  27 Sep 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-09 
    Reply  04 Dec 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-09-e 
       Reply  11 Dec 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-09-g 
          Reply  22 Dec 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Release, midas-2019-09-i 
Message ID: 1747     Entry time: 04 Dec 2019     In reply to: 1706     Reply to this: 1749
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: midas-2019-09-e 
> I created the release branch for midas-2019-09 and tag midas-2019-09-a.
> Since the previous release midas-2019-06, some news:
> - new history graphics (Stefan)
> - c++ frontend framework mvodb.h and tmfe.h merged from ALPHA-g (K.O.)
> - we think we have all the fallout from switching to cmake and to c++11 sorted out

midas-2019-09-e is here.

- the new history plots now work both for Stefan *and* for me, please try them out!
- no new problems with cmake and c++11.
- fixes for some reported bugs
- some bugs remain to be fixed, so with luck, there will by a midas-2019-09-f.

> add all the pending missing code (the new sequencer web pages, the "m" analyzer, etc

pending for midas-2019-12:

- new sequencer web pages
- the "m" analyzer merge (from rootana)
- python-client branch merge (thanks to Ben!)
- simplified odb settings for mlogger and mhttpd configuration
- mhttpd update to mongoose 6.16

To obtain this release, either checkout the top of branch feature/midas-2019-09 (recommended)
or checkout the tag midas-2019-09-e.

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