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Entry  04 Nov 2004, Jan Wouters, Forum, Frontend code and the ODB 
    Reply  04 Nov 2004, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Frontend code and the ODB 
Message ID: 172     Entry time: 04 Nov 2004     Reply to this: 173
Author: Jan Wouters 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Frontend code and the ODB 
I would like to know whether all parameters used by the frontend code have to be in the "Experiment/
Run Parameters" section.  This section can become big and difficult to maintain, because it is one single 
big section of experim.h (EXP_PARAM_DEFINED).  I have parameters the various frontends read at the 
beginning of each run, which set the hardware settings of various devices.  I would like to place these in 
a section all their own, organized by device.  Is this doable? 
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