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Entry  04 Nov 2004, Jan Wouters, Forum, Frontend code and the ODB 
    Reply  04 Nov 2004, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Frontend code and the ODB 
Message ID: 173     Entry time: 04 Nov 2004     In reply to: 172
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Frontend code and the ODB 
Hi Jan,

I usually keep under /Experiment/Run Parameters only those settings which are kind of "global" and thus of
interest to frontend *and* analyzer, like a run mode (data/calibration/cosmic/...). Settings more specific to a
frontend I keep under /Equipment/<name>/Settings where <name> is the equipment name the specific frontend
produces. In your case each frontend will then get its own tree (related to each fragment). Please note that
both discussed trees can contain a whole tree with subdirectories, which lets you organize your data better.

Best regards, Stefan.
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