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Entry  28 Jun 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd https support openssl -> mbedtls 
    Reply  28 Jun 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mhttpd https support openssl -> mbedtls 
Message ID: 1959     Entry time: 28 Jun 2020     Reply to this: 1960
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mhttpd https support openssl -> mbedtls 
For password protection of midas web pages, https is required, good old http 
with passwords transmitted in-the-clear is no longer considered secure. Latest 
recommendation is to run mhttpd behind an industry-standard https proxy, for 
example apache httpd. These proxies provide built-in password protection and 
have integration with certbot to provide automatic renewal of https 

That said, for a long time now mhttpd provides native https support through the 
mongoose web server library and the openssl cryptography library.

Unfortunately, for years now, we have been running into trouble with the midas 
build process bombing out due to inconsistent versions and locations of system-
provided and user-installed openssl libraries. Despite our best efforts (and 
through the switch to cmake!) these problems keep coming back and coming back.

Luckily, latest versions of mongoose support the mbedtls cryptography library. I 
have tested it and it works well enough for me to switch the MIDAS default build 
from "openssl if found" to "mbedtls if-asked-for-by-user".

Starting with commit e7b02f9, cmake builds do not look for and do not try to use 
openssl. mhttpd is built without support for https. This is consistent with the 
recommendation to run it behind an apache httpd password protected https proxy.

To enable https support using mbedtls, run "make mbedtls". This will "git clone" 
the mbedtls library and add it to the midas build. mhttpd will be built with 
https support enabled.

To disable mbedtls support, use "make cmake NO_MBEDTLS=1" or run "make 
clean_mbedtls" (this will remove the mbedtls sources from the midas build).

To restore previous use of openssl, set the cmake variable "USE_OPENSSL".

In my test, mhttpd with https through mbedtls and a letsencrypt certificate gain 
a score of "A" from SSLlabs. (very good).

(you have to use progs/mtcproxy to run this test - SSLlabs only probe port 443 
and mtcproxy will forward it to mhttpd port 8443. to build, run "make 


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