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Entry  21 Aug 2020, Ruslan Podviianiuk, Forum, time information Running_time.png
    Reply  24 Aug 2020, Stefan Ritt, Forum, time information 
       Reply  25 Aug 2020, Ruslan Podviianiuk, Forum, time information 
Message ID: 1984     Entry time: 21 Aug 2020     Reply to this: 1985
Author: Ruslan Podviianiuk 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: time information 

I have a few questions about time information:
1. Is it possible to get "Running time" using, for example, jsonrpc? (please see 
the attached file)
2. Is it possible to configure "Start time" and "Stop time" with time zone? For 
example when I start a new run, value of "Start time" key is automatically changed 
to "Fri Aug 21 12:38:36 2020" without time zone. 

Thank you.
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