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Entry  21 Aug 2020, Ruslan Podviianiuk, Forum, time information Running_time.png
    Reply  24 Aug 2020, Stefan Ritt, Forum, time information 
       Reply  25 Aug 2020, Ruslan Podviianiuk, Forum, time information 
Message ID: 1988     Entry time: 25 Aug 2020     In reply to: 1985     Reply to this: 1989
Author: Ruslan Podviianiuk 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: time information 
Thank you, Stefan


> > 1. Is it possible to get "Running time" using, for example, jsonrpc? (please see 
> > the attached file)
> You have in the ODB "/Runinfo/Start time binary" which is measured in seconds since 
> 1970. By subtracting this from the current time, you get the running time.
> > 2. Is it possible to configure "Start time" and "Stop time" with time zone? For 
> > example when I start a new run, value of "Start time" key is automatically changed 
> > to "Fri Aug 21 12:38:36 2020" without time zone. 
> "Start time binary" and "Stop time binary" are in seconds since the 1970 in UTC, so no 
> time zone involved there. The ASCII versions of the start/stop time are derived from 
> the binary time using the server's local time zone. If you want to display them in a 
> different time zone, you have to create a custom page and convert it to another time 
> zone using JavaScript like
> var d = new Date(start_time_binary);
> Stefan
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