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Entry  06 Nov 2020, Alexandr Kozlinskiy, Suggestion, cmake build fixes 
    Reply  27 Nov 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, cmake build fixes 
Message ID: 2011     Entry time: 06 Nov 2020     Reply to this: 2034
Author: Alexandr Kozlinskiy 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: cmake build fixes 

there are several problems with current cmake build files in midas:
- not all systems have cuda libs in /usr/local/cuda
- not all cmake version like when redefining vars
  (i.e. redefining ROOT_CXX_FLAGS)
- c++ standard not matching the one used to build ROOT
- ROOTSYS is not needed to find ROOT (it is enough to have root in PATH)

I have posted pull request ''
which tries to fix some of the problems.
Tests and comments are welcome.
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