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Entry  06 Nov 2020, Alexandr Kozlinskiy, Suggestion, cmake build fixes 
    Reply  27 Nov 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, cmake build fixes 
Message ID: 2034     Entry time: 27 Nov 2020     In reply to: 2011
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: cmake build fixes 
Hi, Alexandr, thank you for making improvements to MIDAS. I have some question
about your suggestions:

> there are several problems with current cmake build files in midas:
> - not all systems have cuda libs in /usr/local/cuda
> - not all cmake version like when redefining vars

we do not see these problems with the normal cmake on our current linux systems,
centos-7 and -8, Ubuntu LTS 18.04, 20.04.

so you have something different? can you be a bit more specific,
which version of cmake and which OS you have so see these troubles?

> - c++ standard not matching the one used to build ROOT
> - ROOTSYS is not needed to find ROOT (it is enough to have root in PATH)

Again ROOT tangles with the build of MIDAS.

MIDAS does not use ROOT. As a convenience to the users, we have a "ROOT output" driver
in mlogger and we build a special executable rmlogger with ROOT. Only this special
executable should be linked with ROOT and compiled with ROOT-specific flags.

The rest of the MIDAS build should not be affected by presence or absence of ROOT.

One would have to read old messages on this forum to understand this situation.

> I have posted pull request ''
> which tries to fix some of the problems.
> Tests and comments are welcome.

I look at the diffs:

- CUDA detection is changed to "find_package(CUDA)". This code was added by Joseph and Ben, and there 
must be a reason why they did not use find_package(CUDA). They will have to sign-off on this change.

- ROOT related logic assumes that all of MIDAS will be built "the ROOT way". CFLAGS are changed, the C++ 
standard is changed, etc. this assumption is wrong. only rmlogger and rmana should be built "with ROOT".

If you want to follow through on this, I suggest that you split the pull request into two,
one pull request for the CUDA changes and one pull request for the ROOT changes. Also rework
your ROOT changes as I explained above (but also read all ROOT-related messages on this forum).

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