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Entry  18 Aug 2005, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() 
    Reply  01 Sep 2005, Stefan Ritt, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() 
       Reply  27 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() - removed from libmidas 
Message ID: 218     Entry time: 01 Sep 2005     In reply to: 214     Reply to this: 447
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() 
> Some time ago, the "remote CAMAC" functionality in mfe.c was made conditional on
> HAVE_CAMAC. This flag is not set by default so remote camac calls silently do
> not work, unless midas is compiled in a special way. I am too lazy to compile
> midas differently depending on what hardware I use, so I split
> register_cnaf_callback() into a separate file and made it easy to call directly
> from the user front end.
> I left the HAVE_CAMAC bits in mfe.c so people who use that would see no change.
> Affected files:
> Makefile (add cnaf_callback.o)
> midas.h (add void register_cnaf_callback(int debug);
> mfe.c (move the rpc code to cnaf_callback.c, call register_cnaf_callback())
> cnaf_callback.c (new file)
> K.O.

That's a good idea. The frontend framework should be independent of the used
hardware (CAMAC or VME or whatever). I event went further and removed the HAVE_CAMAC
completely. This means that people have to add the call to register_cnaf_callback()
explicitly into the frontend user init routine. I think this inconvenience is not a
big deal because even before that people had to add the cnaf_callback.c file
explicitely into their Makefile. So they have to be aware of that change, and then
it's not a big deal to modify the init routine as well. But this way we have mfe.c
completely independen of the DAQ hardware which is how it should be.

To make things a bit easier, I modified the midas\examples\experiment\fronted.c to
contain this call, so people should be guided by that. I also added cnaf_callback.c
to the Makefile of the example frontend.
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