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Entry  18 Aug 2005, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() 
    Reply  01 Sep 2005, Stefan Ritt, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() 
       Reply  27 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() - removed from libmidas 
Message ID: 447     Entry time: 27 Feb 2008     In reply to: 218
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: CAMAC register_cnaf_callback() - removed from libmidas 
> > Affected files:
> > Makefile (add cnaf_callback.o)
> That's a good idea.
> To make things a bit easier, I modified the midas\examples\experiment\fronted.c to
> contain this call, so people should be guided by that. I also added cnaf_callback.c
> to the Makefile of the example frontend.

A request was made to remove cnaf_callback.o from libmidas as it creates a unwanted dependency on the CAMAC 
hardware driver when is used in programs that do not use CAMAC.

After looking around, it appears that removing cnaf_callback.o from libmidas would not break anything critical, 
other than CAMAC frontends that would fail to link with an obvious and easy to fix error.

I am leaving cnaf_callback.o in the Makefile - so it will be built and placed in linux/lib/cnaf_callback.o for anybody 
who wants to use it.

svn revision 4130.

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