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Entry  06 Sep 2021, Andreas Suter, Forum, mhttpd crash 
    Reply  06 Sep 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mhttpd crash 
       Reply  07 Sep 2021, Andreas Suter, Forum, mhttpd crash 
          Reply  17 Sep 2021, Stefan Ritt, Forum, mhttpd crash mhttpdScreenshot_2021-09-17_at_21.11.15_.png
Message ID: 2273     Entry time: 06 Sep 2021     Reply to this: 2274
Author: Andreas Suter 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mhttpd crash 
midas version used: midas-2019-05-cxx-1461-g906be8b

I find in the systemd log every couple of days/weeks the following error message related to the mhttpd:

[mhttpd,ERROR] [mhttpd.cxx:18886:on_work_complete,ERROR] Should not send response to request from socket 28 to socket 26, abort!

with various socket numbers of course.

Can anybody hint me what is going wrong here?

The bad thing on the crash is, that sometimes it is leading to a "chain-reaction" killing multiple midas frontends, which essentially stop the experiment.

Help would be very much appreciated!

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