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Entry  06 Sep 2021, Andreas Suter, Forum, mhttpd crash 
    Reply  06 Sep 2021, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mhttpd crash 
       Reply  07 Sep 2021, Andreas Suter, Forum, mhttpd crash 
          Reply  17 Sep 2021, Stefan Ritt, Forum, mhttpd crash mhttpdScreenshot_2021-09-17_at_21.11.15_.png
Message ID: 2274     Entry time: 06 Sep 2021     In reply to: 2273     Reply to this: 2275
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mhttpd crash 
> [mhttpd,ERROR] [mhttpd.cxx:18886:on_work_complete,ERROR] Should not send response to request from socket 28 to socket 26, abort!
> Can anybody hint me what is going wrong here?
> The bad thing on the crash is, that sometimes it is leading to a "chain-reaction" killing multiple midas frontends, which essentially stop the experiment.

This is my code. I am the culprit. I had a bit of discussion about this with Stefan.

Bottom line is something is rotten in the multithreading code inside mhttpd and under conditions unknown,
it sends the wrong data into the wrong socket. This causes midas web pages to be really confused (RPC replies
processed as CSS file, HTML code processed at RPC replies, a mess), this wrong data is cached by the browser,
so restarting mhttpd does not fix the web pages. So a mess.

I find this is impossible to replicate, and so cannot debug it, cannot fix it. Best I was able to do
is to add a check for socket numbers, and thankfully it catches the condition before web browser caches
become poisoned. So, broken web pages replaced by mhttpd crash.

This situation reinforces my opinion that multi-threading and C++ classes "do not mix" (like H2 and O2 do not mix).
If you write a multithreaded C++ program and it works, good for you, if there is a malfunction, good luck with it,
C++ just does not have any built-in support for debugging typical multithreading problems. I think others have come
to the same conclusion and invented all these new "safe" programming languages, like Rust and Go.

Back to your troubles.

1) If you see a way to replicate this crash, or some way to reliably cause
the crash within 5-10 minutes after starting mhttpd, please let me know. I can work with that
and I wish to fix this problem very much.

2) My "wrong socket" check calls abort() to produce a core dump. In my experience these core dumps
are useless for debugging the present problem. There is just no way to examine the state of each
thread and of each http request using gdb by hand.

3) this abort() causes linux to write a core dump, this takes a long time and I think it causes
other MIDAS program to stop, timeout and die. You can try to fix this by disabling core dumps (set "enable core dumps"
to "false" in ODB and set core dump size limit to 0), or change abort() to exit(). (You can also disable
the "wrong socket" check, but most likely you will not like the result).

4) run mhttpd inside a script: "while (1) { start mhttpd; sleep 1 sec; rinse, repeat; }" (run mhttpd without "-D", yes?)

In other news, the mongoose web server library have a new version available, they again changed their
multithreading scheme (I think it is an improvement). If I update mhttpd to this new version, it is very
likely the code with the "wrong socket" bug will be deleted. (with new bugs added to replace old bugs, of course).

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