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Entry  25 Oct 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, Logger crash 
    Reply  25 Oct 2021, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Logger crash 
Message ID: 2294     Entry time: 25 Oct 2021     Reply to this: 2295
Author: Francesco Renga 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Logger crash 
     I'm experiencing crashes of the mlogger program on the time scale of a couple 
of days. The only messages from MIDAS are:

05:34:47.336 2021/10/24 [mhttpd,INFO] Client 'Logger' (PID 14281) on database 
'ODB' removed by db_cleanup called by cm_periodic_tasks (idle 10.2s,TO 10s)
05:34:47.335 2021/10/24 [mhttpd,INFO] Client 'Logger' on buffer 'SYSMSG' removed 
by cm_periodic_tasks (idle 10.2s, timeout 10s)

Any suggestion to further investigate this issue?

Thank you very much,
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