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Entry  25 Oct 2021, Francesco Renga, Forum, Logger crash 
    Reply  25 Oct 2021, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Logger crash 
Message ID: 2295     Entry time: 25 Oct 2021     In reply to: 2294
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Logger crash 
The short term solution would be to increase the logger timeout in the ODB under

/Programs/Logger/Watchdog timeout

and set it to 6000 (one minute). But that is curing just the symptoms. It would be 
interesting to understand the cause of this error. Probably the logger takes more than 10 
seconds to start or stop the run. The reason could be that the history grow too big (what 
we have right now in MEG II), or some disk problems. But that needs detailed debugging on 
the logger side.

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