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Entry  23 Mar 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Fix, mhttpd bug fixed 
    Reply  24 Mar 2022, Stefan Ritt, Bug Fix, mhttpd bug fixed 
       Reply  24 Mar 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Fix, mhttpd bug fixed 
          Reply  24 Mar 2022, Stefan Ritt, Bug Fix, mhttpd bug fixed 
             Reply  24 Mar 2022, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Fix, mhttpd bug fixed 
Message ID: 2368     Entry time: 24 Mar 2022     In reply to: 2366     Reply to this: 2371
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: mhttpd bug fixed 
> > 1st wget stops (by ctrl-C), socket is closed, mongoose frees it's mg_connection object
> > (corresponding worker is still labouring, hmm... actually sleeping, and now has a stale nc pointer)
> > 
> > 2nd wget starts, new socket is opened, mongoose allocates a new mg_connection object,
> > but malloc() gives it back the same memory we just freed(), and the 1st wget's worker thread
> > nc pointer is no longer stale, but points to 2nd wget's connection.
> Why don't we CLEAR the memory (memset(object,0,sizeof(object)) before the free(), this way it cannot be 
> mistakenly re-used by the next thread.

My description was unclear. I will try better now.

When http replies are generated by worker threads, matching of reply to mg_connection is done
by checking the address of the mg_connection object. (mongoose itself unhelpfully offers
to send the reply to every mg_connection, see the responder to mg_broadcast() messages).

This works for open/active connections, addresses of all mg_connections are unique.

But if connection is closed and a new connection is opened, the address is reused (by malloc()/free()
reusing memory blocks or by mongoose using a pool of mg_connection objects, does not matter).

So matching http reply to mg_connection using only address of mg_connection can match the wrong connection.

(contents of mg_connection object does not matter, only address is used by matching. so memzero() of
mg_connection object does not help).

I saw this during my testing - wrong data was sent to wrong browser often enough - but did
not understand that the above problem is happening.

Because I was unable to reliably reproduce the problem, I could not debug it. I tried to add
a check for the tcp socket file descriptor number, in case there is a straight bug or multithread race
or simple memory corruption. This replaced "we sent wrong data to wrong browser, poisoned browser
cache, confused the user" with a crash. This "fix" seemed effective at the time.

Maybe I should mention browser cache poisoning again. What happened is html pages and rpc replies
were returned as responses to load things like CSS files, these bad responses are cached by the browser
pretty much forever, so all subsequent midas pages will look wrong (bad css!) forever, until
user manually clears browser cache. reload of page did not help, restart of browser did not help (I think).

So a very bad bug.

Unfortunately, the check for file descriptor was not effective because file descriptors are also
reused. And I did see wrong data returned by mhttpd, but even more rarely. And everybody (myself
included) complained about mhttpd crashes.

Now, matching of responses to connections is done by connection sequential/serial number,
which is unique 32-bit counter. Mismatch of reply to connection should not happen again.

P.S. Latest version of the mongoose web server library does not help with this problem,
the example code for matching reply to connection in their multithread example looks bogus:

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