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Entry  19 Jun 2022, Francesco Renga, Forum, Alarm on variable not updating 
    Reply  20 Jun 2022, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Alarm on variable not updating 
Message ID: 2411     Entry time: 19 Jun 2022     Reply to this: 2413
Author: Francesco Renga 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Alarm on variable not updating 
Dear all,
I've an ODB equipment that sometimes loses the connection with the hardware, so that the variables are not updated anymore. The connection can be restored by restarting the frontend. It would be useful to have an alarm based on the time from the last update of some variable (i.e. the alarm is triggered if the variable is not updated for more than X seconds). Is there a method to implement such an alarm in MIDAS?

Thank you very much,
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