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Entry  19 Jun 2022, Francesco Renga, Forum, Alarm on variable not updating 
    Reply  20 Jun 2022, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Alarm on variable not updating 
Message ID: 2413     Entry time: 20 Jun 2022     In reply to: 2411
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Alarm on variable not updating 
There are two functions to do that, one check the last write access, the other the last write access if the run is running. The alarm condition looks like:

access(/Equipment/.../Variables/Input[10]) > 60

which will cause an alarm if the Input[10] is not written for more than 60 seconds. The other function which checks the run status as well is like:

access_running(...odb key...) > 60

You can actually see an example on the MEG alarm page.

Rather than having an alarm for that I would however recommend that you program you frontend such that it realizes if it looses connections, then tries automatically to reconnect or trigger an alarm itself (so-called "internal" alarm). This is also how the MSCB system is working and is much more robust.

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