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Entry  23 Mar 2006, Sergio Ballestrero, Info, down ? 
    Reply  26 Mar 2006, Stefan Ritt, Info, down ? 
       Reply  27 Mar 2006, Sergio Ballestrero, Info, down ? 
Message ID: 250     Entry time: 26 Mar 2006     In reply to: 249     Reply to this: 251
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: down ? 
>  Hi,
> I was trying to update the checkout of Midas, but it looks like something is not
> working - maybe a component of the Savannah system:
> [sergio@daq-pc midas-SVN]$ svn update
>'s password: svn
> unix dgram connect: Connection refused at /bin/ line 32
> no connection to syslog available at /bin/ line 32
> svn: Connection closed unexpectedly
> my .svn/entries says (amongst the rest)
>  url="svn+ssh://"
> and yes, it used to work well... 
> Cheers,
>   Sergio

I just tried now and it seemed to work fine. Do you still have the problem?

- Stefan
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