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Entry  23 Mar 2006, Sergio Ballestrero, Info, down ? 
    Reply  26 Mar 2006, Stefan Ritt, Info, down ? 
       Reply  27 Mar 2006, Sergio Ballestrero, Info, down ? 
Message ID: 251     Entry time: 27 Mar 2006     In reply to: 250
Author: Sergio Ballestrero 
Topic: Info 
Subject: down ? 
> I just tried now and it seemed to work fine. Do you still have the problem?
> - Stefan

 The problem was still there this morning, shortly after seeing your mail, but seems
to be fixed now.
 BTW, which is the best way to submit patches ? I have a version of khyt1331 for Linux
kernel 2.6 (we are running Scientific Linux 4.1), and a few smaller things, mostly in
the examples. 

 Thanks, Sergio
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