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Entry  23 Jul 2006, Art Olin, Forum, File output for histories 
    Reply  23 Jul 2006, Stefan Ritt, Forum, File output for histories 
       Reply  23 Jul 2006, Art Olin, Forum, File output for histories 
          Reply  24 Jul 2006, Sergio Ballestrero, Forum, File output for histories 
Message ID: 272     Entry time: 23 Jul 2006     In reply to: 271     Reply to this: 273
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: File output for histories 

Art Olin wrote:
Basically we need the output from the mhist code. The most convenient, and possibly easiest implementation would be to select required data (ID, variable, time range) in the midas history display, click a button requesting file output and input a file name. One might also want to specify the interval time required.

So what is wrong with using mhist directly? I understand that some users used to point and click might have hard time to start a command line utility, but I'm sure that I teach anybody to use mhist much faster compared to the time I would have to spend on implementing such a feature in the web interface. Well, I'll keep it in mind, but it has low priority.

Art Olin wrote:
A related nice feature would be like the root "view event status" , where text at the bottom of the history would display the position of the cursor in the history chart coordinates. Probably more work and less important to us.

Well if you teach me how to do this I'm happy to implement it. We are in a browser, and the history plot is a dump GIF image, while the ROOT windows is a native application. One would have to use some fance Javascript to implement such a thing, but I have no clue of how to do that.

- Stefan
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