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Entry  23 Feb 2007, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, RFC- support for writing to removable hard disk storage 
    Reply  23 Feb 2007, John M O'Donnell, Info, RFC- support for writing to removable hard disk storage 
    Reply  26 Feb 2007, Stefan Ritt, Info, RFC- support for writing to removable hard disk storage 
Message ID: 346     Entry time: 23 Feb 2007     Reply to this: 348   350
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: RFC- support for writing to removable hard disk storage 
At triumf, we are developing a system to use removable hard drives to store data collected by midas 
daq stations. The basic idea is to replace storage on 300 GB DLT tapes with storage on removable 
esata, usb2 or firewire 750 GB hard drives.

To minimize culture shock, we stay as close as possible to the "tape" paradigm. Two removable disks 
are used in tandem. Data is written to the first removable disk until it is full. Then midas automatically 
switches to the second disk and asks the operator to replace the full disk with a blank disk. Similar to 
handling tapes, the operator takes the full disk and stores it on the shelf (offline); takes a blank disk 
and connects it to the computer. To read data from one of the disks, the operator takes the disk from 
the shelf and connects it to the daq computer or to some other computer equipped with a compatible 
removable storage bay. The full data disks are mounted read-only to prevent accidental data 

Two pieces of software are needed to implement this system:

1) midas support for switching to alternate output disks as they become full. Data could be written to 
the removable disk directly by the mlogger (no extra data copy on local disks) or by the lazylogger 
(mlogger writes the data to the local disk, then the lazylogger copies it to the removable disk). Writing 
directly to the removable disk is more efficient as it avoids the one extra data copy operation by the 

2) a user interface utility for mounting and dismounting removable disks. Handling of removable disks 
cannot be fully automatic: before unplugging a removable disk, the user has to inform the system; after 
connecting a removable disk, the user has to tell the system to mount it read-only (for existing data), 
read-write (to add more data) or to initialize a blank disk (fdisk+mkfs). (Also, some SATA interfaces do 
not implement automatic hot-plug: they have to be manually told "please look for new disks").

We are presently evaluating various internal SATA hot-plug enclosures. We evaluated external eSATA 
and USB2 enclosures and decided not to use them: while the performance is adequate, presence of 
extra bulky components (eSATA and USB cables, non-standardized power bricks) and the extra cost of 
eSATA and USB hard drive enclosures makes them unattractive.

I am open to suggestions and comments. I am most interested in hearing which data path (mlogger or 
the lazylogger) would be most useful for other users.

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