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Entry  05 Feb 2008, Stefan Ritt, Info, Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
    Reply  13 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
Message ID: 422     Entry time: 05 Feb 2008     Reply to this: 428
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
A major change was made to mhttpd, changing all internal URLs to relative paths.
This allows proxy access to mhttpd via an apache server for example, which might
be needed to securely access an experiment from outside the lab through a
firewall. Following setting can be places into the Apache configuration,
assuming the experiment runs on machine "online1.your.domain", and apache on a
publically available machine "www.your.domain":

Redirect permanent /online1 http://www.your.domain/online1
ProxyPass /online1/ http://online1.your.domain/

<Location "/online1">
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName ...
  AuthUserFile ...
  Require user ...

If the the URL http://www.your.domain/online1 is accessed, it gets redirected
(after optional authentication) to http://online1.your.domain. If you click on
the mhttpd history page for example, mhttpd would normally redirect this to 


but this is not correct since you want to go through the proxy www.your.domain.
The new relative redirection inside mhttpd now redirects the history page
correctly to


I had to change many places inside mhttpd to make this work, and I'm not 100%
sure if I covered all occurrences. So if you upgrade to mhttpd revision 4115 and
observe some error accessing some pages, please report it to me.

- Stefan
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