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Entry  05 Feb 2008, Stefan Ritt, Info, Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
    Reply  13 Feb 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
Message ID: 428     Entry time: 13 Feb 2008     In reply to: 422
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Implementation of relative paths in mhttpd 
> A major change was made to mhttpd, changing all internal URLs to relative paths.
> This allows proxy access to mhttpd via an apache server for example, which might
> be needed to securely access an experiment from outside the lab through a
> firewall.

It is good to see improvements to the MIDAS URLs. We have been successfully running
mhttpd behind an apache SSL/HTTPS proxy without these changes, but our case was very
limited to one experiment, one mhttpd behind one proxy. I hope to test these changes
in the near future at CERN, I guess we will hear if things broke. I am especialloy
worried about the function for "split mhttpd history generator" via "/History/URL".
I remember it was hard to get it right and I hope if this function did not survive
this update, it will be easy to resurrect.
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