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Entry  22 Oct 2008, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, mscb timeouts and retries 
    Reply  28 Oct 2008, Stefan Ritt, Info, mscb timeouts and retries 
Message ID: 519     Entry time: 28 Oct 2008     In reply to: 513
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mscb timeouts and retries 
> A new set of functions was added to mscb.h to adjust mscb timeouts and retries to better match specific 
> applications:
> +   int EXPRT mscb_get_max_retry();
> +   int EXPRT mscb_set_max_retry(int max_retry);
> +   int EXPRT mscb_get_usb_timeout();
> +   int EXPRT mscb_set_usb_timeout(int timeout);
> +   int EXPRT mscb_get_eth_max_retry();
> +   int EXPRT mscb_set_eth_max_retry(int eth_max_retry);

In the spirit of this, a variable retry scheme has been implemented in the mscbdev.c device driver. At the 
MEG experiment, we have one mscb device which is pretty slow, while the others are fast. Therefore it is 
necessary to have a per-device max retry count which can be different for different submasters. I moved 
therefore the max_eth_retry variable into the mscb_fd structure and adjusted a few functions accordingly. I 
did not bother with the other timeouts and retries, since I don't need this for the moment, but it would be 
nice if they would be handled in the same way. Then I added code into mscbdev.c to read the retry variable 
form the ODB under /Equipment/<name>/Settings/Device/<Name>/Retries. The default is 10, but it can be 
changed and becomes valid after the program has been restarted. 
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