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Entry  14 Dec 2012, Robert Casperson, Bug Report, MIDAS does not function correctly on F17 
    Reply  20 Dec 2012, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, MIDAS does not function correctly on F17 
Message ID: 845     Entry time: 14 Dec 2012     Reply to this: 850
Author: Robert Casperson 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: MIDAS does not function correctly on F17 
When building MIDAS on Fedora 17 64-bit, the default zlib 1.2.5 shared library
is linked to.  When recording data, the "/Logger/Channels/*/Statistics/Bytes
written" value does not get set correctly beyond the first few seconds of the
run.  Occasionally, it appears to not get set at all, and mlogger aborts the run.

Installing zlib 1.2.3 in static form to /usr/local/lib (the default location),
and changing the NEED_ZLIB section of the MIDAS Makefile to the following seems
to function as a workaround:

LIBS     += /usr/local/lib/libz.a

Several Fedora 17 libraries expect zlib 1.2.5 specifically, so it seems safest
to not replace the default zlib shared library.

Some extra details are that the VME CPU is an XVB602, and the most recent GE-IP
drivers are being used for VME communication.  Fedora 17 was chosen to avoid a
bug with the VGA output in Fedora 13-16.
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