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Entry  12 Mar 2014, Andreas Suter, Info, Windows support droped? 
    Reply  14 Mar 2014, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Windows support droped? 
       Reply  17 Mar 2014, Stefan Ritt, Info, Windows support droped? 
Message ID: 983     Entry time: 14 Mar 2014     In reply to: 981     Reply to this: 986
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Windows support droped? 
> In the old SVN midas world it was typically such that the Windows dll's and
> exe's were ready to be used when checking out.

The Windows executables are no longer included in the midas git repository. Old versions are still available in 
the git repository - they got pulled in during conversion from svn.

One reason for removing them is that neither myself, nor Pierre, nor Stefan have ready access to a Windows 
development environment and we cannot keep Windows binaries up to date. Theoretically we can setup a 
Windows machine just for compiling MIDAS, but then there is a question of which Windows we should use and 
how much priority we should put into it. I do not think there is any demand for MIDAS on Windows at TRIUMF.

(Personally, I think Windows is no longer a viable platform for any business use - with Microsoft focusing on 
"experiences", "tiles", touch screens, portable devices, and other gimmicks - rather than on providing a solid OS 
to get work done)

> I am not so sure this is the case
> for the current version, since when I use the packed dll's  and exe's (e.g.
> odbedit.exe) I get the warning that this is running midas 2.0.0 but the current
> version (on the linux server) is 2.1. What does this mean?

You can ignore this message. Stefan incremented the MIDAS version when we migrated to git, but
there are no changes to the MIDAS RPC mechanism and we are still fully compatible with old versions,
at least in the MIDAS RPC and in the mserver.

So tools like odbedit.exe should still work okey when connecting from Windows to MIDAS running on Linux or 

But old frontend programs may cause some trouble because the ODB layout changed somewhat with new things 
added to /eq/xxx/common. Simplest is to try, if it works, it works.

> 1) A little bug in the packed windows part, but up-to-date dll's and exe's?
> 2) The dll's and exe's are not bundled any more to up-to-date version?

Case (2) is the case. Personally I do not have any capability to build Windows binaries. Same for Pierre and I think 
for Stefan.

> If 2) is the case, I would like to get a hint how to build midas under Windows
> (Windows 7), since we still have some few Windows clients.  

I do not think pre-built executables will ever return - the new way of things is to "cut-and-paste" the "git clone" 
command from a web page, type "make", and be done with it. If your OS does not have "git", "make" & etc, you 
should switch to a real OS.

On the MIDAS software side, we have no problem with supporting Windows - same as on any other platform, 
please try to build and run it, report any problems, fixes, patches and improvements - we will commit them into 
the midas repository.

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