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  184   15 Dec 2004  ForumWhere's the definition of "H1_BOOK()"When i compile the experiment example of 1.9.5
the problem happened:
  Draft   05 Mar 2018  Suggestion     
  Draft   07 Jun 2017 Alberto RemotoForumIncrease MAX_EVENT_SIZEHello,

I am using a CAEN v1720 to digitise signal
  2011   06 Nov 2020 Alexandr KozlinskiySuggestioncmake build fixeshi,

there are several problems with current cmake
  1006   06 Jun 2014 Alexey KalininForumproblem with writing data on diskHello,
Our experiment based on MIDAS 2.x DAQ.
I'm using several identical frontend-%d 
  1009   16 Jun 2014 Alexey KalininForumproblem with writing data on diskHello, once again.
What I found is when I tryed to stop the
run, mlogger still working and writing some
  1010   18 Jun 2014 Alexey KalininForumproblem with writing data on diskHello, 
I'm in deppression.
I removed Everything from computer with mserver
  2307   02 Dec 2021 Alexey KalininBug Reportsome frontend kicked by cm_periodic_tasksHello,
We have a small experiment with MIDAS based
  2337   11 Feb 2022 Alexey KalininBug Reportsome frontend kicked by cm_periodic_tasksThanks for the answer.
As soon as I can(possible in a month) I'll
try suggestion below:
  1751   06 Jan 2020 Alireza TalebitaherForumSSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAPHello,

I am quite new in both Linux and MIDAS.
  1753   07 Jan 2020 Alireza TalebitaherForumSSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAPHi Konstantin,
Thanks for your reply, 
  1755   08 Jan 2020 Alireza TalebitaherForumSSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAPHi,
As, the link suggests, I perform "yum install
-y mod_ssl certwatch crypto-utils" but it
  1041   15 Dec 2014 Amy RobertsForumlock ODB variables within sequencer?Hello,

I'm wondering if it would be possible to
  1121   15 Oct 2015 Amy RobertsForumlazylogger: a little less lazy?We're using the lazylogger to trigger a script
that copies files, and the lag 
between a completed file appearing and the
  1129   29 Oct 2015 Amy RobertsInfosynchronous ajax deprecatedWe're using mhttpd for calls that end up working
better with asynchronous requests, and we've
built up sort of a parallel, asynchronous
  1133   05 Nov 2015 Amy RobertsBug Reportdeferred transition causes sequencer to failWhen using the sequencer to start and stop
runs which use a deferred transition,
the sequencer fails with a "Cannot stop run:
  1137   18 Nov 2015 Amy RobertsInfosynchronous ajax deprecated> Why don't you post the functions here so
that we can have a look? 
  1138   18 Nov 2015 Amy RobertsInfosynchronous ajax deprecated> I checked again on browser compatibility:

> el6: firefox 38 - ok, google-chrome 27
  1140   19 Nov 2015 Amy RobertsInfosynchronous ajax deprecated> Right now the JSON-RPC client library does
not check the return status of MIDAS calls
themselves, i.e. ODBGet("/nonexistant") will
  1150   10 Dec 2015 Amy RobertsSuggestionscript command limited to 256 characters; remove limit?Both the /Script and /CustomScript trees in
the ODB allow users to trigger a 
script via Midas - which silently truncates
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