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The standard MIDAS Status page is not very useful for bnmr and bnqr, so it has been replaced by a custom version for these experiments.

Note that the MIDAS client mhttpd must be running for the webserver to be available. To connect to the Custom Status page, see Getting Started.

The custom status page allows the user to

  • view the current state of the run, including scan status, histogram counts, EPICS values and CAMP values
  • change which experimental mode is being used
  • change whether a run is "real" or "test" data
  • change/view the helicity and beam settings
  • enable/disable the alarm system
  • force neutral beam checks to be re-referenced


We force Midas to use our custom status page by deleting the file $MIDASSYS/resources/status.html with a symlink to bnxr_common/custom/status.html from the bnmr repository.

The page uses Midas JRPC calls to talk to:

  • the program for changing modes and changing between real/test runs
  • the program for visualizing the PPG and PSM settings as plots

The page uses standard Midas custom page tools for editing ODB settings. An ODB hotlink is used for the neutral beam re-referencing.

Example screenshot

Figure 1:Status page during Mode 1f with run stopped