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The logging settings page allows the user to:

  • enable/disable whether data is logged to MUD files
  • change settings for what gets written in the run description section
  • change which EPICS variables get logged
  • change which CAMP variables get logged
  • change which histograms get logged from the SIS scalers

Settings are editable while a run is stopped, and may not be edited while a run is in progress.

The most common user interaction is to change which EPICS variables are logged.


The page uses Midas JRPC calls to talk to:

  • the bnxr_logger.exe program to see which CAMP variables will be logged given the current settings

The page uses standard Midas custom page tools for editing ODB settings.

Example screenshot

Note that the specific elements that are visible vary based on the current experimental mode. Some modes have extra tools (e.g. sliders) to simplify setting the PPG parameters to valid values.

Figure 1:Logging custom page