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Many experiments want to monitor the CPU usage and network throughput of their computers. msysmon provides a pre-built frontend for monitoring this information, and automatically sets up history plots for viewing graphs on the web.

Note that msysmon only supports Linux machines - there is no support for Windows or Mac.

By default, msysmon will log the CPU data etc to the main SYSTEM buffer every 10s. In most experimental setups, this means that the data will appear in any data files written to disk (as well as in the history). If you do NOT want the data to appear in data files, change the ODB key "/Equipment/xxx_msysmon/Common/Buffer" to an empty string.

Implementation details

msysmon is written in the midas frontend framework. Each frontend derives the equipment name from the hostname, so multiple instances across multiple machines can be created without conflict. The code is based on htop, and parses the contents of /proc/stat, /proc/meminfo and /proc/net/dev. It automatically builds history plots under the category sysmon.

msysmon-nvidia is a special version of msysmon (same source file) that links to the NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) if the nvidia drivers are installed on the build machine. This will monitor and log GPU usage, and temperatures as well as CPU, memory etc. A system only needs to run msysmon or msysmon-nvidia.


[-h ] : help.
[-h hostname ]        : see common parameters
[-e experiment_name ] : see common parameters
[-D ]                 : start program as a daemon.