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* '''[[mchart]]''' → ''Assembles data for stripchart''
* '''[[mchart]]''' → ''Assembles data for stripchart''
* '''[[mdump]]''' → ''Display contents of event banks''
* '''[[Mdump|mdump]]''' → ''Display contents of event banks''
* '''[[melog]]'''  → ''Send information to elog''
* '''[[melog]]'''  → ''Send information to elog''

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The midas package after a build will contain a new directory (linux/ or linux-m32/) under which the midas library (linux/lib) and the images (linux/bin) will be placed. There a few other application that can be manually built under /utils as well.

  • dioDirect I/O driver utility
  • hveditHigh Voltage editor and GUI
  • mchartAssembles data for stripchart
  • mdumpDisplay contents of event banks
  • melogSend information to elog
  • mevbEvent builder application
  • mh2sqlImport history files into SQL database
  • mhdumpDisplay history events
  • mhttpdWebserver for Run Control
  • mstatMonitor and display
  • mtapeTape manipulator