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* [[Midas_documentation|Midas Documentation]]
* [[Feature_listing|Feature Listing]]
* [[Application_listing|Application Listing]]
* [[Online_Database|Online Database]]
= Links =
= Links =
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* [[Mhttpd|mhttpd MIDAS web server]]
* [[Status Page]]
* [[Message Page]]
* [[ODB Page]]
* [[Programs Page]]
* [[Alarms Page]]
* [[MSCB Page]]
* [[History Page]]
* [[Custom Page]]
* [[Help Page]]
* [[odbedit]]
= Purpose =
= Purpose =

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The purpose of the mhttpd Help page is to display some useful information. This includes links to the MIDAS documentation, the Discussion Forum, code version and revision. Some of the MIDAS environment variables are also shown, also the path of the midas message log file midas.log and paths of the MIDAS stylesheet and Javascript library that are useful to anyone writing Custom Pages.

Access the Help page

The Help page is accessed by clicking the Help menu button on the Status Page.

If "Help" button is not present on the page, it may have been suppressed.


An example of the Help page is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Example of Help Page. Click on thumbnail to enlarge