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= Links =
= Links =
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{{mhttpdpages2|[[/MSCB ODB tree]]|[https://midas.psi.ch/mscb/  MSCB (MIDAS Slow Control Bus)]}}
* [[Mhttpd|mhttpd MIDAS web server]]
* [[Status Page]]
* [[Message Page]]
* [[ODB Page]]
* [[Programs Page]]
* [[Alarms Page]]
* [[MSCB Page]]
* [[History Page]]
* [[Custom Page]]
* [[Sequencer Page]]
* [[/MSCB ODB tree]]
* [https://midas.psi.ch/mscb/  MSCB (MIDAS Slow Control Bus)]
* [[odbedit]]
= Purpose =
= Purpose =

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The purpose of a mhttpd MSCB Page is to visually present the devices in the MSCB (MIDAS Slow Control Bus) system and their variables.

Access to the MSCB Page

The MSCB Page is displayed by clicking on the MSCB button on the mhttpd Status Page or other mhttpd web page.

If the MSCB button is not present on the Status Page, either

MIDAS with MSCB support

In order to create the MSCB page, the flag


must be present in the MIDAS Makefile so that mhttpd is linked against ../mscb/mscb.c and has direct access to all mscb ethernet submasters (USB access is currently disabled on purpose there). See Compilation & Build for more information.

The presence of the flag -DHAVE_MSCB will cause the MSCB button to appear on the Status Page by default, unless the menu button has been suppressed.

The current MIDAS distribution contains a file ../midas/examples/slowcont/mscb_fe.c which contains example code of how to read some MSCB devices.

Features of the MSCB page

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Figure 1: Example of a MSCB page

The MSCB page (see Figure 1) displays information from the /MSCB ODB tree. It obtains a list of all available submasters from the Submaster subtree.

The Rescan button will rescan the MSCB devices, the Reload button refreshes the page.